Jul 30

Thank you for this Summer!!!

To say that this season did not end as we had hoped would be an understatement. Still, the most obvious mark against our season is not what will define it for those of us who love Aviators baseball. Our record stinks, but it did show some very impressive signs that we did not all just waste our time. ONE, we actually beat every team in our league once (except Cheney). We hung in there with one of the toughest leagues in the country for every game and didn’t quit. TWO, we actually finished our season. We did not forfeit any games and did not run from adversity when it struck. We handled COVID issues that popped up in a way that distinguished us and put player safety and health first. We survived games being postponed, player injury (a yearly battle), anxious parents/players/host families, and a stinky record. We still had some guys that were willing to go to bat for each other and fight for every out and every run. I appreciate those who have supported us: host families, player families, players, sponsors, fans, volunteers and even opposing teams who offered support when we were struggling. You made this fight worth it and we all got to live out at the ball field for awhile. I know I am better for it and I feel we all grew a little this summer. Thank you.

–Grant Jones, GM