Team History

In 2012 Kris Wheeler established the Aviators, a name synonymous with Wichita’s rich history in aviation. The Aviators, establishing roots in 2012 have a vision of sharing the gospel through the game of baseball. With Wheeler’s leadership, commitment to Christ, and sense of purpose, the Aviators future was soaring.

Wheeler’s determination and perseverance also placed the Aviators as one of the premier teams in the Midwest and within the Jayhawk Baseball League. The Aviators were consistently competing for league championships and the ultimate prize of the NBC World Series Championship. In 2014 the Aviators won the First week championship of the NBC World Series and finished 5th overall in the NBC World Series. The following year, the Aviators moved into the Jayhawk League to further push themselves toward excellence.

When he left the Wichita area for Virginia in the spring of 2015, Wheeler handed the reins over to the board led by Grant Jones. The team, coached by third year skipper, Gabe Grinder went all the way to the championship game of the NBC World Series. Falling one game short of their ultimate goal, the Aviators keep coming back each season ready for the next chapter of their journey and to continue their pursuit of excellence. The Aviators have evolved over the past few years and look to start fresh with their invitation into the Sunflower League.

The Aviators recruiting base has expanded from coast to coast and even overseas.  Players representing the Aviators consist of Division I, Division II, Division III, NAIA, and Junior College Players.