Jul 15

NBC Bid Official

The Aviators have officially been invited to the NBC World Series Tournament coming up July 25-August 3 at Eck Stadium in Wichita. Join us as we finish out our season and move into that post-season tourney against the best teams from across the country.

Jun 27

Come out June 30 to Riverfront

6PM Start

Jun 27

12 Aviators Make the All-Star Team

Jun 25

With a 13-3 Record, the Aviators win First Half

The Haysville Aviators have won the first half of the Jayhawk Collegiate League season with a 13-3 record. Now, on to the second half. Let’s go Aviators!!!

Jun 01

League/Home Opener

The Aviators showed up big in the league openers tonight against the defending NBC World Series Champs. They took game one 4-2 and game two 7-6. It is a great start to the season. We can’t wait to see what they do next…

Jun 30

All-Star Aviators

Alex Ronk
Tommy Davis
Garrett Klein
Sam Wiese
Jack Bell
Nate Creason
and Kouto Ichikawa










Jun 29

Join us in Great Bend this Sunday for the All Star Game!!!

Jun 01

Jayhawk Jamboree

The Aviators begin their season at the Jayhawk League Jamboree which starts this Friday, June 2nd. The Aviators play on Saturday at 10AM and Noon with a Press Conference following.

Aug 02

NBC World Series 2022

With their run-rule victory over the San Diego Stars, the Aviators punch

their ticket to the bracket-play portion of the NBC World Series.

Jul 22

2022 League Championship Series

The post-season started this past Saturday.  At 5PM, Haysville took on Derby in Derby. After losing that game, we waited for the challenger for Sunday afternoon. The Aviators took the Islanders in convincing fashion to forge ahead to what has become the final game of the championship on Monday night (7/25) IN HAYSVILLE–essentially for 3rd place in out league tournament and the final NBC World Series spot in the field of 16…


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